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  1. Photo of Marjane Satrapi

    Marjane Satrapi Director

  2. Photo of Michael R. Perry

    Michael R. Perry Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anna Kendrick

    Anna Kendrick Cast

  4. Photo of Gemma Arterton

    Gemma Arterton Cast

  5. Photo of Ryan Reynolds

    Ryan Reynolds Cast

  6. Photo of Jacki Weaver

    Jacki Weaver Cast

  7. Photo of Gulliver McGrath

    Gulliver McGrath Cast

  8. Photo of Stephanie Vogt

    Stephanie Vogt Cast

  9. Photo of Adi Shankar

    Adi Shankar Cast and Producer

  10. Photo of Ella Smith

    Ella Smith Cast

  11. Photo of Michael S. Ruscheinsky

    Michael S. Ruscheinsky Cast

  12. Photo of Ricardia Bramley

    Ricardia Bramley Cast

  13. Photo of Gretel Ashzinger

    Gretel Ashzinger Cast

  14. Photo of Denis Lyons

    Denis Lyons Cast

  15. Photo of Helena Prince

    Helena Prince Cast

  16. Photo of Alessa Kordeck

    Alessa Kordeck Cast

  17. Photo of Christoph Fisser

    Christoph Fisser Executive Producer

  18. Photo of John Powers Middleton

    John Powers Middleton Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Henning Molfenter

    Henning Molfenter Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Elika Portnoy

    Elika Portnoy Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Cathy Schulman

    Cathy Schulman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Adam C. Stone

    Adam C. Stone Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Charlie Woebcken

    Charlie Woebcken Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Roy Lee

    Roy Lee Producer

  25. Photo of Matthew Rhodes

    Matthew Rhodes Producer

  26. Photo of Spencer Silna

    Spencer Silna Producer

  27. Photo of Olivier Bernet

    Olivier Bernet Music

  28. Photo of Maxime Alexandre

    Maxime Alexandre Cinematography

  29. Photo of Stéphane Roche

    Stéphane Roche Editing

  30. Photo of Udo Kramer

    Udo Kramer Production Design

  31. Photo of Paul Brightwell

    Paul Brightwell Cast