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  1. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film The Void

    A film that cannibalizes Hellraiser, Prince of Darkness, and The Thing shouldn't be this bad. So over mediocre, derivative horror films shot on ugly, lifeless DSLR.

  2. teler_thriller's rating of the film The Void

    This one had a nice opening premise, and then it went south and I didn't know anymore what it is about. Well, such a shame, because I expect the movie will give me a good show, but it didn't make any sense in the ending.

  3. nessmj's rating of the film The Void

    2.5 - the only reason this isn't a hard 2 is because i'm a sucker for good practical effects and these were excellent. the frenetic nature of what felt like scenes just thrown together at the expense of the effects made the whole feel disconnected and trite.

  4. Adham T. Fusama's rating of the film The Void

    Setengah awalnya jelek nih film, untung setengah akhirnya seru

  5. norah stone's rating of the film The Void

    too many characters with no redeemable qualities. should have elaborated more on the cult rather than cheap gore. if you like sci-fi thrillers (and you can get past the bad acting) you'll like this movie. *receives an extra star for creative monsters (thats clearly where the money went)

  6. bloodcurdlingsameness's rating of the film The Void

    The story is fairly routine and full of cliches, but damn the practical effects are the best I've seen since The Thing.

  7. Eugenia Barr's rating of the film The Void

    It starts really good and then just looses it. Kind of disappointing cause it promised more at the beginning. Entertaining though.

  8. film_lies101's rating of the film The Void

    Liked the 'The Beyond' homage at the end

  9. Johnny Mislow's rating of the film The Void

    I swear the plot is really really bad, but if you're looking to be extremely plased by the aesthetic and vibe, it's pretty accomplished.

  10. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film The Void

    Wasn't that scary and I had a hard time following it as it progressed. It was visually appealing though as an 80's horror homage, so kudos in that respect.

  11. The Macho King's rating of the film The Void

  12. Rafael Zen's rating of the film The Void

    This is nonsense - but in a very 80's B-horror kinda way. Nice ideas, but it's all over the place. And I hoped for a better monster job. Gimme more monsters!

  13. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film The Void

    The acting is strikingly inept until you realize that The Void is an unofficial adaptation of Silent Hill, with a dash of Hellraiser and plenty of Lovecraft, hence you cannot expect meaningful dialogues or anything that resembles a cogent plot. Avoid The Void: it's devoid of real horror.

  14. Dan's rating of the film The Void

    3.5* An extra star because my youngest brother found this to be a complete amalgamation of everything he loves about Lovecraft and the enthusiasm was infectious. Yes, there are spotty performances and a fairly pedestrian plot but it had moments that genuinely unsettled.

  15. Adam Whybray's rating of the film The Void

    2.5 stars. Officer Rick Grimes VS. Existential Horror. Admirably more 'Silent Hill' (1999) than 'Silent Hill' (2006) and admirably ambitious in attempting to depict the undepictable... braver, in a sense, than Carpenter's more conventionally enjoyable 'In the Mouth of Madness' (1994) which fills the Lovecraftian aporia with pastiche. This does not stop it from flailing, nor from feeling jumbled, sadly. Props, however

  16. Bob's rating of the film The Void

    Disposable characters and bland story that is overly abstract to the point of being ridiculous. Still, that doesn't ruin the glorious make-up effects. It's rare nowadays to find a terror and disturbance just by the look and sound of monstrous figure. This flick does that in a very old school fashion - not shying away from its peers such as The Thing, The Fly, The Beyond or Prince of Darkness. Borderline cult classic.

  17. André Vieira's rating of the film The Void

    2,3. Decent effort. Starts really well but suddenly the plot goes all over the place. We never fully understand the meaning behind the hooded figures and I lost interest after the Clive Barker monsters started showing up. I gotta say I was expecting a cosmic Lovecraftian affair.

  18. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film The Void

    Frustrating experience overall that starts out amazing with the disorienting setup but gets derailed by poor acting and undeveloped characters as it settles into the "humans banding together to fight evil" trope. The Lovecraftian effects are great but I think they ultimately hijack the storytelling. However, compared to most Hollywood horror output this is commendable although it could have been so much more.

  19. msmichel's rating of the film The Void

    Disappointing blend of Lovecraftian horror, cult film and Clive Barker style body horror that just goes nowhere fast. Initial premise promises results (as did its expertly cut trailer) but it is soon evident that this derivative nonsense has no endgame.

  20. xl's rating of the film The Void

    Hey, fellow 80s horror fans - this movie loves all the same movies you do - only it decides to manifest that love by way of cheap imitation without understanding a shred of what made its blatant inspirations so charming. Cool practical effects and a nice aesthetic can't hide just how hollow this one is.

  21. Fırat Ataç's rating of the film The Void

    a little bit The Thing, a little bit Prince of Darkness, a little bit Hellraiser, and the final scene of the The Beyond...

  22. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Void

  23. Jason's rating of the film The Void

    Self-reflexive genre cinema that isn't so much about cute smarts as it is about maximum exploitation of extant properties for the purpose of maximalist good times (on a budget). Most horror movies have a basic horror situation. This movie is more like a messy stack of situations. The obvious references seem to be to ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13, HELLRAISER, and THE BEYOND. Fair warning: it jumps the hell out of the shark.

  24. Śākyamuni's rating of the film The Void

    Tra gli esperimenti esoterici di Beyond the Black Rainbow e l'immaginario sotterraneo di Silent Hill, il mondo si prepara all'avvento lovercraftiano di una sorta di nuova covata malefica dal DNA carpenteriano, una covata come lontani figli muta(n)ti de La Cosa. Un omaggio al Cinema sci-fi degli anni '70 e '80 condito da formidabili scene splatter dal retrogusto "grindhouse", à la Hobo With a Shotgun.

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