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  1. SaRa RamaDan's rating of the film The Vow

  2. Mohammad Aboomar's rating of the film The Vow

    Cheesy as hell. Oh, and the lead actor is just lousy.

  3. itstheresomewhere's rating of the film The Vow

    this was on tv and i was with people and we ended up watching it. just to explain why i did it...

  4. Damien Maclean's rating of the film The Vow

    I watched this on an Airplane to kill time with my girlfriend. We came to the conclusion it's a sequence of bad cliches & a mash up of 6 other dating movies released around the same time. But it's good to poke fun at & have a laugh with your significant other if you're on a boring flight

  5. maddening cloud's rating of the film The Vow

    Elderly ladies listen to Radiohead?

  6. M. Ikhwanul Karim's rating of the film The Vow

  7. MarcelVonPure's rating of the film The Vow

    I must be alone in the universe, cos I'll never understand the Channing Tatum phenomenon. You see this kind of actor in hollywood all the time: the 8-minute heartthrob, the guy who doesn't give a shit about acting and doesn't even UNDERSTAND ENOUGH to know that it will only last until the next gentleman with no neck comes along. Indeed, "the Tatum" will likely go the way of the Hartnett, the Christiansen, the dodo..

  8. msmichel's rating of the film The Vow

    One of those so called 'based on a true story' films that you just know has been reformatted, expanded and fictionalized. Despite weakness of script at points the film works due to the chemistry between the leads. McAdams is completely charming and Tatum so much better than usual. Nicely shot by dp Stoffers, Chicago hasn't looked so good on film in years. A miss unless you're a hopeless romantic like some (me).

  9. Lorena Brandão's rating of the film The Vow

  10. Riesca Amallia's rating of the film The Vow

    Berharap lebih, waktu tahu yang mainnya Channing Tatum sama Rachel McAdams. Tapi ceritanya gitu doang (=|

  11. J. O.'s rating of the film The Vow

    An enjoyable romantic comedy (although much more romance than comedy) where one must endure Tatum's awful acting in order to enjoy McAdams' wonderful charm. Some really great moments, great use of music, and above all else a sense of drama that actually felt real (perhaps in knowing the story comes from reality). Certainly exceeded expectations, which were low.

  12. Natália Daumas's rating of the film The Vow

    Típica história aflitiva da perda de memória após um grave acidente. Rende lágrimas.

  13. Nutter Jr's rating of the film The Vow

    Unfortunately Tatum, albeit attractive to many, is no talented actor and does not have the depth required to make this film memorable. Even worse, McAdams is not a particularly convincing actress either and unfortunately turns an interesting real life story into a wish-I-had-watched-"Notebook"-again-instead.

  14. tezar's rating of the film The Vow

    the trailer was more emotional than the movie itself

  15. sofia's rating of the film The Vow

    Such a Wishy-whashy end...

  16. Kenny's rating of the film The Vow

    One mess of a screenplay. Every time I was beginning to fall in love with Channing Tatum's smile, someone did something stupid. One little yay for Liam Neill and Jessica Lange.

  17. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Vow

    Bad editing and a subpar script can't help this feel-good movie. The only good performances were from Tatum and Sam Neill.

  18. kacey's rating of the film The Vow

  19. Natanael's rating of the film The Vow

    it's like you'll gonna love someone until forever.

  20. Your Friend's rating of the film The Vow

    Dumb, but charmingly inoffensive. Script certainly could've used some work as it felt directionless and somewhat inert. Mostly won over by the leads' chemistry and the few scenes that seemed to be touched by the hands of actual writers (and Jessica Lange).