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  1. Photo of Barry Simmons

    Barry Simmons Cast

  2. Photo of Paolo Lena

    Paolo Lena Cast

  3. Photo of Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren Cast

  4. Photo of Richard Burton

    Richard Burton Cast

  5. Photo of Ian Bannen

    Ian Bannen Cast

  6. Photo of Barbara Pilavin

    Barbara Pilavin Cast

  7. Photo of Renato Pinciroli

    Renato Pinciroli Cast

  8. Photo of Daniele Vargas

    Daniele Vargas Cast

  9. Photo of Sergio Bruni

    Sergio Bruni Cast

  10. Photo of Ettore Geri

    Ettore Geri Cast

  11. Photo of Olga Romanelli

    Olga Romanelli Cast

  12. Photo of Vittorio De Sica

    Vittorio De Sica Director

  13. Photo of Isabelle Marchall

    Isabelle Marchall Cast

  14. Photo of Riccardo Mangano

    Riccardo Mangano Cast

  15. Photo of Annabella Incontrera

    Annabella Incontrera Cast

  16. Photo of Diego Fabbri

    Diego Fabbri Screenplay

  17. Photo of Massimo Franciosa

    Massimo Franciosa Screenplay

  18. Photo of Luisa Montagnana

    Luisa Montagnana Screenplay

  19. Photo of Luigi Pirandello

    Luigi Pirandello Screenplay

  20. Photo of Carlo Ponti

    Carlo Ponti Producer

  21. Photo of Manuel De Sica

    Manuel De Sica Music

  22. Photo of Ennio Guarnieri

    Ennio Guarnieri Cinematography

  23. Photo of Franco Arcalli

    Franco Arcalli Editing

  24. Photo of Luigi Scaccianoce

    Luigi Scaccianoce Production Design