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  1. Richmond Hill's rating of the film The Walker

    A curious misfire of otherwise potent ingredients. An interesting conceit (professional companionship) gives way to a mundane murder mystery drearily realised and peopled by the thinnest of skin deep characterisations. Perhaps it might have taken fire - or least some gained some polish - in the hands of a writer like Gore Vidal; as it is it's a missed opportunity and one simply doesn't care.

  2. giovanni's rating of the film The Walker

  3. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film The Walker

    An exellent little character study hiding behind a murder mystery. A film, though, needs more ambition to be greater than this film is.

  4. nyyssonen's rating of the film The Walker

    Woody Harrelson is not believable for a second, and since the entire (boring) storyline revolves around him, nothing seems convincing. All the ladies did a great job though.

  5. Kasper Hviid's rating of the film The Walker

    Hard to review, since I have no clue what the film were aiming for. There is constant references to US political climate after 9/11 - wars, torture, anti-terror - but the protagonists seems more concerned with having his head stuck up his own ass. When real stuff like Abu Ghraib are brought into the movie, I have a hard time caring for the protagonists teen anxiety. Still, Woody Harrelsons performance were great!

  6. Tone Ottilie Frederiksen's rating of the film The Walker

    Woody Harrelson is amazing, and this slick well acted film is enjoyable and an interesting look at superficial high society. It is unexciting as a thriller and a mystery though. Would expect more from a man who wrote taxi Taxi Driver and Raging Bull.

  7. Aretha Uno's rating of the film The Walker

    I don't understand how it is possible to make such a stiff and outdated film with such a potential cast.

  8. josé neves's rating of the film The Walker

    And to the New Yorker sophistication of the first "American gigolo," with Lauren Hutton and hints of a possibility of a sex variety, we have the stupidity of a general hypercharacterization - with particular emphasis on an unbearable Harrelson - with a certain address in a sexuality that is intended to be significant and with Scott Thomas recollecting the previous actress.

  9. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film The Walker

  10. Penelope q's rating of the film The Walker

    NeedS more depth in the story, actors are well cast

  11. can's rating of the film The Walker

  12. Roman Horner's rating of the film The Walker

    First time I've seen Moritz Bleibtreu in foreign screening, couldn't hold a candle to Harrelson's appereance, but: how should he?

  13. RajP's rating of the film The Walker

    Woody is great in this. Not as slick as American gigolo but the characters are more rounded and this is far less superficial than American gigolo.

  14. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film The Walker

    Well-made, but strangely uninvolving mystery-drama from writer-director Paul Schrader. Solid performances from an impressive cast (though Woody Harrelson's accent gets annoying pretty quick) and excellent cinematography by Chris Seager - but it lacks the suspense necessary to work as a thriller, and just isn't quite compelling enough as a character study. Not a bad film, but forgettable and disappointing.