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  1. Photo of Philip Kaufman

    Philip Kaufman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of John W. Hyde

    John W. Hyde Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Richard R. St. Johns

    Richard R. St. Johns Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Martin Ransohoff

    Martin Ransohoff Producer

  5. Photo of Richard Price

    Richard Price Screenplay

  6. Photo of Rose Kaufman

    Rose Kaufman Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michael Chapman

    Michael Chapman Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ken Wahl

    Ken Wahl Cast

  9. Photo of John Friedrich

    John Friedrich Cast

  10. Photo of Karen Allen

    Karen Allen Cast

  11. Photo of Toni Kalem

    Toni Kalem Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Rosenberg

    Alan Rosenberg Cast

  13. Photo of Jim Youngs

    Jim Youngs Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Ganios

    Tony Ganios Cast

  15. Photo of Linda Manz

    Linda Manz Cast

  16. Photo of Stuart H. Pappé

    Stuart H. Pappé Editing

  17. Photo of Ronald Roose

    Ronald Roose Editing

  18. Photo of John Jay Moore

    John Jay Moore Production Design

  19. Photo of Robert De Mora

    Robert De Mora Costume Design