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  1. Photo of Ina Fichman

    Ina Fichman Executive Producer and Producer

  2. Photo of Colette Loumède

    Colette Loumède Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Saed Andoni

    Saed Andoni Producer

  4. Photo of Dominique Barneaud

    Dominique Barneaud Producer

  5. Photo of Nathalie Cloutier

    Nathalie Cloutier Producer

  6. Photo of Alison Darcy

    Alison Darcy Cast

  7. Photo of Heidi Foss

    Heidi Foss Cast

  8. Photo of Holly Uloth O'Brien

    Holly Uloth O'Brien Cast

  9. Photo of Rosann Nerenberg

    Rosann Nerenberg Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Cowan

    Paul Cowan Screenplay and Director

  11. Photo of Daniel Villeneuve

    Daniel Villeneuve Cinematography

  12. Photo of German Gutierrez

    German Gutierrez Cinematography

  13. Photo of Amer Shomali

    Amer Shomali Animation and Director

  14. Photo of Michelle Lannen

    Michelle Lannen Animation

  15. Photo of Dominique Cote

    Dominique Cote Animation

  16. Photo of Myriam Elda Arsenault

    Myriam Elda Arsenault Animation

  17. Photo of Aube Foglia

    Aube Foglia Editing

  18. Photo of Daniel Fontaine-Bégin

    Daniel Fontaine-Bégin Sound

  19. Photo of Sylvain Bellemare

    Sylvain Bellemare Sound

  20. Photo of Benoît Charest

    Benoît Charest Music