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  1. 絵莉's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    // and i'm only chasing a ghost. but sometimes, to feel that life is still worth living, you need to believe in something.

  2. Samuel Wells's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    This film is so incredibly charming, telling a moving real life tale that seems too quirky for even a movie. The story of a Palestinian village fighting for its freedom gives an emotional heft and tells a part of history I would like to learn more about. The mixed media style of the film adds a lot as well, keeping the experience visually pleasing and fresh. The narrative of the cows was the final brilliant touch.

  3. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    Thank you, Mubi!!! "Occupation is evil." It really is that simple. Unless it is Wall Street! Surprising depth here. A great human story. Something for us to take as inspiration here in America, where we are subject to a corporate oligarchical occupation. Thank you again, Mubi.

  4. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film The Wanted 18

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    Extra star for the claymation cows.

  6. Kareem E.'s rating of the film The Wanted 18

    Poignant, surprisingly humorous portrait of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation during the first intifada. So many Palestine-Israel docs center the guilt of perpetrators and/or the suffering of victims; this is a rare tribute to the proud agency of a community. And it is a playful film at the same time as it bears important historical lessons for political organizing beyond its local context.

  7. John's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    A unique film that displays history in a lighthearted yet eye opening manner. The claymation story coupled with real life interviews of those who went through the First Intifada, and live action scenes show just how moving the uprising was for the people of Palestine in trying to become a sovereign state. Overall this film does a good job of giving light to an event in history many people may have never heard about.

  8. Saar's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    A little long but well done.

  9. Slappy McGee's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    Very clever use of many media forms: claymation, 2D animation, historical footage, live action reenactments and talking head interviews. All pieced together and blended nicely to tell a single story during the early '90s. The true story is certainly unusual and combined with this style, it creates a perfect tone in which to unfold this tale. Well worth the time to check out.

  10. Em Kim's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    An unexpected combination of stop motion with live interviews and footage. While the storytelling itself was rather straight forward and a bit shallow the many layers of media give more layers of relatability. The film barely skims the subject of Palestinian/Israeli conflict, making it lack desirable depth. However, the story feels far more personal in this way.

  11. Anthony Dewar's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    The great thing about The Wanted 18 is that it reveals, through a specific story, the absurdity of the Israeli government’s occupation over Palestine. The film also captures the mindset of Palestinian resistance in a generational conflict of land, resources, and religion. Instead of focusing on suicide bombings and war, The Wanted 18 tells the story of peaceful Palestinians that are facing oppression in the 80’s.

  12. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    This is beautiful. And extremely sad.

  13. Christofer Aniel's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    An unexpected but compelling take of the trials faced by the Palestinians in Beit Sahour in the 1980s. Although light-hearted at times, the stop motion animation added more perspective and depth to the problems at hand. The documentary is short and gives only a glimpse into the struggles between the Palestinians and the Israelis. An informative find with some elements of fiction. Inspirational and unifying.

  14. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    A nice attempt to renew the documentary genre by using elements of the animated film as well as stills of the graphic novel in responding to the absurdity of the story. The problem is the conventional narration of the events, although it is covered by the frame introducing the narrator.

  15. Dada Kubin's rating of the film The Wanted 18

    A documentary that combines interviews, news footage, acted scenes and animation with speaking cows - a mixture perhaps needed to tell the absurd story of Israeli army searching for 18 cows regarded as a threat to national security. "The Wanted 18" is both funny and touching but as a whole - despite the animation - rather average documentary with conventional storytelling.