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  1. Photo of Byron Haskin

    Byron Haskin Director

  2. Photo of George Pál

    George Pál Producer

  3. Photo of Barré Lyndon

    Barré Lyndon Screenplay

  4. Photo of George Barnes

    George Barnes Cinematography

  5. Photo of Gene Barry

    Gene Barry Cast

  6. Photo of Ann Robinson

    Ann Robinson Cast

  7. Photo of Les Tremayne

    Les Tremayne Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Cornthwaite

    Robert Cornthwaite Cast

  9. Photo of Sandro Giglio

    Sandro Giglio Cast

  10. Photo of Lewis Martin

    Lewis Martin Cast

  11. Photo of Houseley Stevenson Jr.

    Houseley Stevenson Jr. Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Frees

    Paul Frees Cast

  13. Photo of William Phipps

    William Phipps Cast

  14. Photo of Vernon Rich

    Vernon Rich Cast

  15. Photo of Henry Brandon

    Henry Brandon Cast

  16. Photo of Jack Kruschen

    Jack Kruschen Cast

  17. Photo of Cedric Hardwicke

    Cedric Hardwicke Cast

  18. Photo of Everett Douglas

    Everett Douglas Editing

  19. Photo of Leith Stevens

    Leith Stevens Music

  20. Photo of Michael D. Moore

    Michael D. Moore Sound

  21. Photo of Edith Head

    Edith Head Costume Design

  22. Photo of H.G. Wells

    H.G. Wells Screenplay

  23. Photo of Cecil B. DeMille

    Cecil B. DeMille Executive Producer