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  1. Photo of John Carpenter

    John Carpenter Director and Music

  2. Photo of Michael Rasmussen

    Michael Rasmussen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shawn Rasmussen

    Shawn Rasmussen Screenplay

  4. Photo of Adam Betteridge

    Adam Betteridge Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Peter Block

    Peter Block Producer

  6. Photo of Rich Cowan

    Rich Cowan Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Doug Mankoff

    Doug Mankoff Producer

  8. Photo of Mike Marcus

    Mike Marcus Producer

  9. Photo of David Rogers

    David Rogers Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Andrew Spaulding

    Andrew Spaulding Producer

  11. Photo of Mark Kilian

    Mark Kilian Music

  12. Photo of Yaron Orbach

    Yaron Orbach Cinematography

  13. Photo of Patrick McMahon

    Patrick McMahon Editing

  14. Photo of Paul Peters

    Paul Peters Production Design

  15. Photo of Amber Heard

    Amber Heard Cast

  16. Photo of Mamie Gummer

    Mamie Gummer Cast

  17. Photo of Danielle Panabaker

    Danielle Panabaker Cast

  18. Photo of Jared Harris

    Jared Harris Cast

  19. Photo of Lyndsy Fonseca

    Lyndsy Fonseca Cast

  20. Photo of Leslie Schatz

    Leslie Schatz Sound

  21. Photo of Javier Bennassar

    Javier Bennassar Sound

  22. Photo of Mika Boorem

    Mika Boorem Cast

  23. Photo of Laura Leigh

    Laura Leigh Cast

  24. Photo of Sydney Sweeney

    Sydney Sweeney Cast

  25. Photo of Milos Milicevic

    Milos Milicevic Cast

  26. Photo of Sean Cook

    Sean Cook Cast

  27. Photo of Jillian Kramer

    Jillian Kramer Cast

  28. Photo of D.R. Anderson

    D.R. Anderson Cast

  29. Photo of Sali Sayler

    Sali Sayler Cast