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  1. Photo of H. Tjut Djalil

    H. Tjut Djalil Director

  2. Photo of Barry Prima

    Barry Prima Cast

  3. Photo of El Manik

    El Manik Cast

  4. Photo of Rita Zahara

    Rita Zahara Cast

  5. Photo of Syamsuri Kaempuan

    Syamsuri Kaempuan Cast

  6. Photo of Tizar Purbaya

    Tizar Purbaya Cast

  7. Photo of Piet Pagau

    Piet Pagau Cast

  8. Photo of Zurmaini

    Zurmaini Cast

  9. Photo of Syamsuddin Syafei

    Syamsuddin Syafei Cast

  10. Photo of H. Kosim Betawi

    H. Kosim Betawi Cast

  11. Photo of Djair

    Djair Cast

  12. Photo of Donny Sabella

    Donny Sabella Cast

  13. Photo of Fatima Maria

    Fatima Maria Cast

  14. Photo of Hassan Dollar

    Hassan Dollar Cast

  15. Photo of Andi Maragau

    Andi Maragau Cast

  16. Photo of Metty

    Metty Cast

  17. Photo of Moosdijk

    Moosdijk Cast

  18. Photo of Alex Kalangi

    Alex Kalangi Cast

  19. Photo of Robby Jelema

    Robby Jelema Cast

  20. Photo of Teddy Bom

    Teddy Bom Cast

  21. Photo of Jafar Breel

    Jafar Breel Cast

  22. Photo of Godfried Sancho

    Godfried Sancho Cast

  23. Photo of Alex Menpuar

    Alex Menpuar Cast

  24. Photo of Sanamin Suromenggolo

    Sanamin Suromenggolo Cast

  25. Photo of Jufri Sardan

    Jufri Sardan Cast

  26. Photo of Ny. Amelia

    Ny. Amelia Cast

  27. Photo of Trubus

    Trubus Cast

  28. Photo of Shinta Devayani

    Shinta Devayani Cast

  29. Photo of Boma Duyun

    Boma Duyun Cast

  30. Photo of Ny. Susilowati

    Ny. Susilowati Cast

  31. Photo of Eddy Siswoyo

    Eddy Siswoyo Cast

  32. Photo of Eva Arnaz

    Eva Arnaz Cast

  33. Photo of Benny G. Raharja

    Benny G. Raharja Cast

  34. Photo of Sutrisno Wijaya

    Sutrisno Wijaya Cast

  35. Photo of Thomas Susanto

    Thomas Susanto Cinematography

  36. Photo of Gatot Sudarto

    Gatot Sudarto Music

  37. Photo of Gope T. Samtani

    Gope T. Samtani Producer