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  1. Photo of Walter Hill

    Walter Hill Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frank Marshall

    Frank Marshall Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Joel Silver

    Joel Silver Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Lawrence Gordon

    Lawrence Gordon Producer

  5. Photo of David Shaber

    David Shaber Screenplay

  6. Photo of Andrew Laszlo

    Andrew Laszlo Cinematography

  7. Photo of James Remar

    James Remar Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Beck

    Michael Beck Cast

  9. Photo of Deborah Van Valkenburgh

    Deborah Van Valkenburgh Cast

  10. Photo of David Patrick Kelly

    David Patrick Kelly Cast

  11. Photo of Lynne Thigpen

    Lynne Thigpen Cast

  12. Photo of Dorsey Wright

    Dorsey Wright Cast

  13. Photo of Roger Hill

    Roger Hill Cast

  14. Photo of Thomas G. Waites

    Thomas G. Waites Cast

  15. Photo of Freeman A. Davies

    Freeman A. Davies Editing

  16. Photo of David Holden

    David Holden Editing

  17. Photo of Susan E. Morse

    Susan E. Morse Editing

  18. Photo of Billy Weber

    Billy Weber Editing

  19. Photo of Barry De Vorzon

    Barry De Vorzon Music

  20. Photo of David Harris

    David Harris Cast