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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film The Wave

    Some really admirable stuff here, such as the shots of the characters against the clouds, which is very Ford-esque.

  2. Lorna Singh's rating of the film The Wave

    Stunning cinematography and music enhances the story of the exploitation of working men, with good performances by non actors. Co written by John Dos Passos.

  3. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film The Wave

    "Redes" toma por excusa el drama realista para fabricar un filme épico. El montaje posee un aire lírico que provoca una mirada majestuosa de los elementos naturales y de sus mismos habitantes, personajes pobres pero que manifiestan vigor y temple; este filme tiene de western. El mar es fundamental para entender el tema de la revolución. La naturaleza no proveía, pero de pronto dio riqueza y el hombre reflexionó.

  4. Karthik's rating of the film The Wave

    Part gorgeously photographed documentary (by Paul Strand) & part amateur theatrical, part morality play & part propaganda, this is a fascinating film that tells the archetypal tale of the blood sacrifice that incorporates. It manages to overcome a director like Zinneman & overstuffed symbolism and glow with wonderfully hokey innocence & moral fervor.

  5. ramosbarajas's rating of the film The Wave

    Mexico after Eisenstein, before Fernandez. This film is a masterpiece. It is indubitably the precursor and inspiration for the many films that broached the subject of unions and oppressed workers in Mexico. Although the acting is sub par, the technical side provides us with much to enjoy. The cinematography by Strand and the music by Revueltas are only two of the many elements that make this film essential.

  6. Stefan Ramstedt's rating of the film The Wave