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  1. Photo of Daniel Ribeiro

    Daniel Ribeiro Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Ghilherme Lobo

    Ghilherme Lobo Cast

  3. Photo of Fabio Audi

    Fabio Audi Cast

  4. Photo of Tess Amorim

    Tess Amorim Cast

  5. Photo of Selma Egrei

    Selma Egrei Cast

  6. Photo of Eucir de Souza

    Eucir de Souza Cast

  7. Photo of Júlio Machado

    Júlio Machado Cast

  8. Photo of Isabela Guasco

    Isabela Guasco Cast

  9. Photo of Victor Filgueiras

    Victor Filgueiras Cast

  10. Photo of Naruna Costa

    Naruna Costa Cast

  11. Photo of Lúcia Romano

    Lúcia Romano Cast

  12. Photo of Pierre de Kerchove

    Pierre de Kerchove Cinematography

  13. Photo of Olivia Helena Sanches

    Olivia Helena Sanches Production Design

  14. Photo of Diana Almeida

    Diana Almeida Producer

  15. Photo of Cristian Chinen

    Cristian Chinen Editing

  16. Photo of Gabriela Cunha

    Gabriela Cunha Sound