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  1. Axel's rating of the film The Way

    The best films are not always the best. This film has its problems, story-wise and actor-wise, however, having a special bond with Spain and the Camino, I absolutely love this movie, despite all its problems. I no longer see all the problems, instead I see a beautiful soulful movie about loss, recovery and friendship.

  2. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film The Way

  3. Mark Tallo's rating of the film The Way

    I really enjoyed it. I was watching it on my phone on the subway and missed my stop. The setting the characters really captured me. We worth the while.

  4. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film The Way

    L'idea è molto molto bella,il film un pò meno ma comunque riesce ad arrivare all'anima dello spettatote senza crogiolarsi troppo.Il Cammino come metafora,per cambiare qualcosa che non va nelle nostre vite e non relegarle solo ad un insieme di scelte che indirizzano il tutto. Estevez fà il suo,non svolazza troppo e nei momenti migliori lascia parlare immagini e musica (bellissima la Morrisette). Un lavoro gradevole

  5. Thomas's rating of the film The Way

    A pleasant enough road/path movie.

  6. Strauhs's rating of the film The Way

  7. Jake Davis's rating of the film The Way

  8. Noiresque's rating of the film The Way

    Light and breezy and sweet. Evokes a low budget Philomena by Frears - travelling through grief to make peace with the past and connections with the present.

  9. msmichel's rating of the film The Way

    A character study of the first order well entrusted to the acting styles of Martin Sheen, Deborah Kara Unger and Yorick van Wageningen. Estevez as a director sometimes gives in to the maudlin,heart pulling aspects of the story but wisely leaves the actors the room to get to the heart of the story. Surprisingly not the traveloque vistas one comes to expect from films like this and actually seems like opportunity lost.

  10. eric gould's rating of the film The Way

    Emilio Estevez' The Way traces the spiritual personal journey one man's son endeavored to make along the Camino de Santiago in Spain before abruptly losing his life on his way. As the father, Martin Sheen picks up where his son left off, and tries to gain perspective about the Camino and makes connections en route. Handsomely filmed in the Pyrenees, Estevez' film balances the journey's drama with joy and humor.

  11. Algitya's rating of the film The Way

    Dunno why i realize the multi-perception of the title later. It had a humble yet so light and enjoyable flow that i could not forget easily...

  12. A47's rating of the film The Way

    Frankly atrocious filmmaking, but the story form is unique. A lifetime movie aimed at men.

  13. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film The Way

    i liked seemed lame and hokey but sometimes thats not a bad thing. i could see my mom really getting into this film.

  14. mpho3's rating of the film The Way

    There's more to like here than to dislike. I appreciate the film's sentiment, Martin Sheen, that it was filmed on location. The Way has piqued my interest in pilgrimages in general and specifically in the El Camino Santiago. On the negative, it's a little bit mawkish and the Canadian and Irish characters grated on me a little bit (less the acting than the characterizations). Worth watching. 3.5 stars

  15. Endless Eye's rating of the film The Way

    This is the kind of movie you watch when you're trapped on a plane for hours with nothing better to do. But regardless of at what elevation it's watched, this movie just falls flat before it goes anywhere. Who is this son character that died? Who is his eye doctor curmudgeonly changeless father? Why do we care? There are some really beautiful scenes to take in, but nothing of merit to keep you engaged throughout.