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  1. Photo of Gabriel Axel

    Gabriel Axel Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Svend Johansen

    Svend Johansen Cast

  3. Photo of Ghita Nørby

    Ghita Nørby Cast

  4. Photo of Kim Meyer

    Kim Meyer Cast

  5. Photo of Kirsten Lyngholm

    Kirsten Lyngholm Cast

  6. Photo of Tine Bjerregaard

    Tine Bjerregaard Cast

  7. Photo of Ole Guldbrandsen

    Ole Guldbrandsen Cast

  8. Photo of André Sallyman

    André Sallyman Cast

  9. Photo of Berd Jönsson

    Berd Jönsson Cast

  10. Photo of Helmer Johansen

    Helmer Johansen Cast

  11. Photo of Jacques Mauclair

    Jacques Mauclair Cast

  12. Photo of Ejnar Hans Jensen

    Ejnar Hans Jensen Cast

  13. Photo of Eddie karnil

    Eddie karnil Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Hüttel

    Paul Hüttel Cast

  15. Photo of Hans W. Petersen

    Hans W. Petersen Cast

  16. Photo of Gert Vindahl

    Gert Vindahl Cast

  17. Photo of Ib Sørensen

    Ib Sørensen Cast

  18. Photo of Jesper Langberg

    Jesper Langberg Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Stegger

    Karl Stegger Cast

  20. Photo of Klaus Pagh

    Klaus Pagh Cast

  21. Photo of Kurt Andersen

    Kurt Andersen Cast

  22. Photo of Lone Helmer

    Lone Helmer Cast

  23. Photo of Morten Grunwald

    Morten Grunwald Cast

  24. Photo of Carl Ottosen

    Carl Ottosen Cast

  25. Photo of Ove Sprogøe

    Ove Sprogøe Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Hagen

    Paul Hagen Cast

  27. Photo of Preben Nicolaisen

    Preben Nicolaisen Cast

  28. Photo of Svend Erik Jensen

    Svend Erik Jensen Cast

  29. Photo of Svend Krogh

    Svend Krogh Cast

  30. Photo of Addy Lund

    Addy Lund Cast

  31. Photo of Dirch Passer

    Dirch Passer Cast

  32. Photo of Nadine Alari

    Nadine Alari Cast

  33. Photo of Jacques-François Zeller

    Jacques-François Zeller Cast

  34. Photo of Philippe Etesse

    Philippe Etesse Cast

  35. Photo of Dominique Mauclair

    Dominique Mauclair Cast

  36. Photo of Philippe Baron

    Philippe Baron Cast

  37. Photo of Paul Mercey

    Paul Mercey Cast

  38. Photo of Paule Emanuele

    Paule Emanuele Cast

  39. Photo of Robert Burnier

    Robert Burnier Cast

  40. Photo of Karine Jeantet

    Karine Jeantet Cast

  41. Photo of Lucienne Givry

    Lucienne Givry Cast

  42. Photo of Bernard Noël

    Bernard Noël Cast

  43. Photo of Rolf Rønne

    Rolf Rønne Cinematography

  44. Photo of Bertrand Bech

    Bertrand Bech Music

  45. Photo of Erik Bjørk

    Erik Bjørk Production Design

  46. Photo of Charles Finelli

    Charles Finelli Production Design

  47. Photo of Jean Speranza

    Jean Speranza Production Design

  48. Photo of André Génovès

    André Génovès Producer

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