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  1. Photo of Metin Erksan

    Metin Erksan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nil Göncü

    Nil Göncü Cast

  3. Photo of Hayati Hamzaoglu

    Hayati Hamzaoglu Cast

  4. Photo of Aliye Rona

    Aliye Rona Cast

  5. Photo of Osman Alyanak

    Osman Alyanak Cast

  6. Photo of Ahmet Kostarika

    Ahmet Kostarika Cast

  7. Photo of Demir Karahan

    Demir Karahan Cast

  8. Photo of T. Fikret Uçak

    T. Fikret Uçak Cast

  9. Photo of Reşit Çildam

    Reşit Çildam Cast

  10. Photo of Mustafa Daghan

    Mustafa Daghan Cast

  11. Photo of Ahmet Acar

    Ahmet Acar Cast

  12. Photo of Sabahat Işık

    Sabahat Işık Cast

  13. Photo of Mehmet Tokyürek

    Mehmet Tokyürek Cast

  14. Photo of Nazif Ergenç

    Nazif Ergenç Cast

  15. Photo of Mustafa Çinar

    Mustafa Çinar Cast

  16. Photo of Veli Demir

    Veli Demir Cast

  17. Photo of Davut Yildiz

    Davut Yildiz Cast

  18. Photo of Emel Isik

    Emel Isik Cast

  19. Photo of Nevin Akkaya

    Nevin Akkaya Cast

  20. Photo of Sadettin Erbil

    Sadettin Erbil Cast

  21. Photo of Abdurrahman Palay

    Abdurrahman Palay Cast

  22. Photo of Kemal Ergüvenç

    Kemal Ergüvenç Cast

  23. Photo of Esen Günay

    Esen Günay Cast

  24. Photo of Mümtaz Ener

    Mümtaz Ener Cast

  25. Photo of Muhip Arciman

    Muhip Arciman Cast

  26. Photo of Ali Ugur

    Ali Ugur Cinematography

  27. Photo of Orhan Gencebay

    Orhan Gencebay Music

  28. Photo of Necip Saricioglu

    Necip Saricioglu Sound and Producer