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  1. Photo of Clyde Geronimi

    Clyde Geronimi Director

  2. Photo of Hamilton Luske

    Hamilton Luske Director

  3. Photo of Irvin Graham

    Irvin Graham Screenplay

  4. Photo of T. Hee

    T. Hee Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dick Kelsey

    Dick Kelsey Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nelson Eddy

    Nelson Eddy Voice

  7. Photo of Ken Darby

    Ken Darby Music

  8. Photo of Walt Disney

    Walt Disney Producer

  9. Photo of Ed Benedict

    Ed Benedict Animation

  10. Photo of Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser Animation

  11. Photo of John Hench

    John Hench Animation

  12. Photo of Hugh Hennesy

    Hugh Hennesy Animation

  13. Photo of Ray Huffine

    Ray Huffine Animation

  14. Photo of Ward Kimball

    Ward Kimball Animation

  15. Photo of Hal King

    Hal King Animation

  16. Photo of Rudy Larriva

    Rudy Larriva Animation

  17. Photo of John Lounsberry

    John Lounsberry Animation

  18. Photo of Fred Moore

    Fred Moore Animation

  19. Photo of Kendall O'Connor

    Kendall O'Connor Animation

  20. Photo of Art Riley

    Art Riley Animation

  21. Photo of John Sibley

    John Sibley Animation

  22. Photo of Thelma Witmer

    Thelma Witmer Animation

  23. Photo of Al Zinnen

    Al Zinnen Animation