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  1. Gallus's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    3.5 - Imaginative, captivating, and featuring someone with a physical disability (more of that is needed to represent them in works of art), The Whalebone Box is all about the experience and getting yourself submerged in its dark deep waters. The soundtrack is melancholic yet dark, the imagery based on archival footage fits the box so well. One of the best Macguffins in film history by far.

  2. mis marg's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    didn't get time for this though it started up....

  3. Daniel Metcalf's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Blending together various images and sounds, fiction and non-fiction, the past with the present, the film plays around with structure without being able to convincingly convey anything profound or meaningful. More interesting is the blend of unique characters that are presented throughout the film, captured in unusual ways. The Whalebone Box works best as an affectionate celebration of a ragtag band of artists.

  4. Edward Morris's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    I am not sure that this was a true story

  5. Luke Shanahan's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Not for me. I have no framework to approach this from. Frankly, I found parts of the film disturbing. It was like seeing and hearing something I wasn't meant to be exposed to. That was only sometimes. The rest of the time two old white guys talked shite about this recalling that and "earth batteries" and healing and other bollocks. Maybe I know nothing about avant-garde art, or maybe this is a waste of 83 minutes.

  6. easternicko's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Non sono sicuro di quello che ho visto, forse on voglio nemmeno saperlo.

  7. Alex's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Brilliant. Rapturous but gentle and heartfelt and the same time. Beautiful soundscapes as well.

  8. anna conneally's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    There are a few minutes where they’re driving through the countryside whilst some French rap music plays, that was really nice. Quite enjoyed some moments in the soundtrack. I didn’t really glean anything else from this.

  9. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Potentially one of THE most annoying pretentious and inane things I have had the misfortune to watch on MUBI, and I know that is saying something (considering some of the other films I have endured on here). The dialogue, whether being made as a statement or just in conversation between people, is inane on a level I haven't heard since I was 16 years old at parties involving my friends, cheap cider, and grunge music.

  10. Michael's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    A Schrödinger's cat of a movie.

  11. Steve's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    I’ve loved everything that Kotting and Sinclair have done before but this is tedious and directionless. Very rarely do I stop watching things before the end but this left me cold and bored. Real shame.

  12. Peter Blegvad's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

  13. Fiona's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    The film feels vague and dreamlike, we hear voices describing what we see on the screen without seeing who is speaking those words. The haunting wail of a 'mermaid' pierces the quiet. Listen to what is said, the words conjured up some beautiful imagery for me.

  14. Sunjit Lalli's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Bereft of a narrative spine this felt too eclectic for my sensibilities. I feel guilty at not enjoying the production which shows great ingenuity and imagination. Yet, left me feeling disinterested and bored.

  15. raggiodisole's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Charming, really, exploring themes around the idea of moving a box back to what is imagined to be its rightful home. Care and love, and naturalistic artifice are evident.

  16. Aris's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    some interesting ideas and arresting visuals. But I find this kind of experimental cinema works for me better at short format rather than feature length - I had to watch it in three instalments. And I always found Sinclair's novels obscurantist, (deliberately?) impenetrable, intellectual posturing and, quite frankly, pretentious. Now I know what the audio-visual equivalent looks like

  17. rich's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    I loved this film. I’ve watched others by this guy and they slip by like a fever dream... It’s like an action film for the mind... I didn’t really take anything from it, but it was a joy to experience.

  18. Andrew's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Bill Drumond’s 45 wrapped in the Joe Frank Radio Hour with Ivor Cutler mashed by Adam Curtis. Initially sceptical from reviews the found footage / public service broadcasting / Betamax cut style of this is mesmerising. It’s a document from a different age - John peel, the orb, steven Jessie Bernstein, Julian cope came to mind. Pre-digital and beguiling. I can understand people not liking it but I was utterly taken.

  19. Jill's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    Some very beautiful images - especially amongst the birch woods. I was unconvinced by the hesitations and questionings - they didn’t succeed in yielding a “strange consciousness” out of confusions, as noted in the good closing remarks. It was a little overridden by cliche - especially regarding woods. Unexamined re gender: a man narrates women & woods: ugh! Worried re the sleeping woman: bullied? Ventriloquised?

  20. Pancho Legaspi's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    alright, but transcending through some sort of random image and sounds isn't all that inventive. while i have a soft spot for cryptic films like this i give it no merit in originality.

  21. rustyjames21's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    I apologise but I thought this was dreadful, I think I must lack the intelligence to appreciate it. It was terribly tedious, pompous and seemed very pleased with itself about being very intellectual. I watched The Blood of the Poet the day before, a film which also seeks to work beyond narrative. This was far better. There was a moment when some French rap came on the sound track, which I enjoyed.

  22. Psykick Dancehall's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    An enjoyable reverie, and some beautiful sound design.

  23. SARAH LLOYD's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

    A poignant, mesmeric study of meaning-making, part wild imagining, part farce. Kotting spotlights, often tenderly, the randomness of human communication. The way we just string stuff together, with no real clue what anything means, neither alone nor collectively. Things mean whatever we make them, we must find and decide for ourselves. That is the only real freedom there is in this world, would seem his implication.

  24. Aitor Mendez's rating of the film The Whalebone Box

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