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  1. Photo of Abel Gance

    Abel Gance Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Séverin-Mars

    Séverin-Mars Cast

  3. Photo of Ivy Close

    Ivy Close Cast

  4. Photo of Gabriel de Gravone

    Gabriel de Gravone Cast

  5. Photo of Pierre Magnier

    Pierre Magnier Cast

  6. Photo of Gaston Brun

    Gaston Brun Cinematography

  7. Photo of Marc Bujard

    Marc Bujard Cinematography

  8. Photo of Léonce-Henri Burel

    Léonce-Henri Burel Cinematography

  9. Photo of Maurice Duverger

    Maurice Duverger Cinematography

  10. Photo of Arthur Honegger

    Arthur Honegger Music

  11. Photo of Charles Pathé

    Charles Pathé Producer