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  1. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film The Wheel

    While undeniably melodramatic and overlong, it is easy to overlook for its achievements and innovative camera movements.

  2. Philippe Lajède's rating of the film The Wheel

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film The Wheel

    Une merveille du 7eme Art, inoubliable, géniale et unique, dont hélas la plupart des (rares) projections sont tronquées, raccourcies, amputées. Une excellente version DVD, d'une durée de 5 heures 05, est désormais disponible, projetée au Festival du Film Muet de Pordenone...

  4. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film The Wheel

    Lust scorns frontiers. Watching the adult man's Circean degradation from the initial knightly Samaritan who rescues a girl from a train crash to his subsequent crush on her pubescently elongated legs, I was hell-bent (like locomotives in Part 1) to call it quits. But the "funicular-speed" slowdown in Part 2, its Bergfilm overtones (the first mountain film ever made coincidentally depicted a Mont Blanc ascent), lead's

  5. Aardsy's rating of the film The Wheel

    Just like a wheel, this went around and around...

  6. RoRoRoro's rating of the film The Wheel

  7. msmichel's rating of the film The Wheel

    OMG I've had relationships that seemed shorter than this film. Despite some fine examples of editorial technique during some sequences the film , for so slight a plot, goes on forever. Also not assisted by the mugging of lead Severin Mars. To think this 4 1/2 glacier was once near 9 hours is a staggering thought. The moments of brilliance do not compensate for the whole. The entire final hour is superfluous.

  8. nein's rating of the film The Wheel

    Simple melodrama but, oh boy, how stunningly it is told!

  9. tired sounds's rating of the film The Wheel

    “Cinema endows man with a new sense. It is the music of light. He listens with his eyes."

  10. El Biffo's rating of the film The Wheel

    Absolutely worth the 4 hours and 20 minutes.

  11. PiMan's rating of the film The Wheel

    Was Sisif named after Sisyphus, who rolled a boulder all his life? Aside from the wheel and boulder similarity, Sisif kept oscillating between highs and lows in his life. I wonder what highs and lows were in the original longer version?

  12. Amin Lumière's rating of the film The Wheel

    There is cinema before and after La Roue as there is painting before and after Picasso. Jean Cocteau

  13. Henrique Verkündigung's rating of the film The Wheel

    This is one of the reasons of my passion for cinema. 273 minutes, and not a single one was in vain, gance is one of the best directors of all time, one of my major inspirations, can't even describe how this man saw cinema in his age.

  14. Black Irish's rating of the film The Wheel

    "I'm not cheerful, Papa. I'm happy. It's much sweeter and sadder."

  15. LoverofLeCinema's rating of the film The Wheel

    It wasn't until about 160 minutes in did the story finally grip me. Why did I stay for such a length when the film is already 273 minutes long? Because the filmmaking here is excellent, beginning to end. I can't imagine anyone who loves the art of the places cinema can take you not liking it. I was delighted to stay just to admire the craft, but the final hour truly repaid me with a heartbreaking finale.

  16. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Wheel

    A simple story directed brilliantly by Gance, that despite a slow ending is edited so well that the long running time goes by quickly.

  17. Lefteris Becerra's rating of the film The Wheel

    completamente de acuerdo con kristin thompson, dividida entre su lastre narrativo perteneciente a lo peor de la literatura del XIX y sus audacias en el montaje que se proyectan hacia el futuro, la película padece una esquizofrenia aguda incurable, mortal. se entiende que el productor pathé la cortara a un cuarto de las desmesuradas pretensiones de gance con su versión de 8 horas

  18. Joshua Robert Hathaway's rating of the film The Wheel

    Thanks to MUBI for providing this beautifully and masterly crafted film from Abel Gance. This film consistently amazes and saddens the soul. His use of color and framing of each scene are incredible. Many memorable moments.

  19. Anton Williams's rating of the film The Wheel

    It's a very long and very sad story. Life story. But this story is not for me.