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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ethan's rating of the film The White Buffalo

    This is a very underrated and badass movie that follows Wild Bill Hickock and Sitting Bull hunting after a white buffalo like it's Moby Dick. There weren't many badasses quite like Charles Bronson.

  2. Bob's rating of the film The White Buffalo

    What seems as a discreet, almost dull first half, leads to a tense second with epic conclusion of brotherhood between men different by life they live but same by the birth. Major point goes to the tone that blends somewhere between melodrama of "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", bitterness of "The Great Silence" and intimate battle between man and beast of "Orca", all united in the eye pleasing snowy landscape.

  3. rllr's rating of the film The White Buffalo

    Racial enemies team up against some sort of B-version of Jaws-meets-Moby Dick. Cult movie gold.

  4. Cole Caudle's rating of the film The White Buffalo

    Incoherent and cheap looking and yet there is something oddly enjoyable about the movie. Its obvious budget limitations becomes one of its virtues. Many of the exteriors are actually shot indoors with heaps of fake snow and machine generated mist, but this inadvertently (?) creates a strikingly surreal feel to the film. Add to this an animatronic buffalo puppet and you have something not easily forgotten.