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  1. Photo of Géza von Cziffra

    Géza von Cziffra Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Olly Holzmann

    Olly Holzmann Cast

  3. Photo of Elfriede Datzig

    Elfriede Datzig Cast

  4. Photo of Wolf Albach-Retty

    Wolf Albach-Retty Cast

  5. Photo of Lotte Lang

    Lotte Lang Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Olden

    Hans Olden Cast

  7. Photo of Fritz Imhoff

    Fritz Imhoff Cast

  8. Photo of Oskar Sima

    Oskar Sima Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Eybner

    Richard Eybner Cast

  10. Photo of Theodor Danegger

    Theodor Danegger Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolf Carl

    Rudolf Carl Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Schott-Schöbinger

    Hans Schott-Schöbinger Cast

  13. Photo of Georg Lorenz

    Georg Lorenz Cast

  14. Photo of Petra Trautmann

    Petra Trautmann Cast

  15. Photo of Otto Hartmann

    Otto Hartmann Cast

  16. Photo of Hans Kern

    Hans Kern Cast

  17. Photo of Polly Koß

    Polly Koß Cast

  18. Photo of Josef Menschik

    Josef Menschik Cast

  19. Photo of Alda Noni

    Alda Noni Cast

  20. Photo of Sepp Ketterer

    Sepp Ketterer Cinematography

  21. Photo of Hans Schneeberger

    Hans Schneeberger Cinematography

  22. Photo of Anton Profes

    Anton Profes Music

  23. Photo of Eduard Stolba

    Eduard Stolba Production Design

  24. Photo of Erich von Neusser

    Erich von Neusser Producer

  25. Photo of Arnfried Heyne

    Arnfried Heyne Editing

  26. Photo of Willy Radde

    Willy Radde Sound