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  1. Photo of Mario Krebs

    Mario Krebs Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lena Stolze

    Lena Stolze Cast

  3. Photo of Wulf Kessler

    Wulf Kessler Cast

  4. Photo of Oliver Siebert

    Oliver Siebert Cast

  5. Photo of Ulrich Tukur

    Ulrich Tukur Cast

  6. Photo of Werner Stocker

    Werner Stocker Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Benrath

    Martin Benrath Cast

  8. Photo of Anja Kruse

    Anja Kruse Cast

  9. Photo of Ulf-Jürgen Wagner

    Ulf-Jürgen Wagner Cast

  10. Photo of Mechthild Grossmann

    Mechthild Grossmann Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Kortenbach

    Peter Kortenbach Cast

  12. Photo of Gerhard Friedrich

    Gerhard Friedrich Cast

  13. Photo of Sabine Kretzschmar

    Sabine Kretzschmar Cast

  14. Photo of Heinz Keller

    Heinz Keller Cast

  15. Photo of Axel de Roche

    Axel de Roche Cinematography

  16. Photo of Konstantin Wecker

    Konstantin Wecker Music

  17. Photo of Laszlo Les Oelvedy

    Laszlo Les Oelvedy Production Design

  18. Photo of Senta Berger

    Senta Berger Producer

  19. Photo of Artur Brauner

    Artur Brauner Producer

  20. Photo of Hans Prescher

    Hans Prescher Producer

  21. Photo of Dietmar Schings

    Dietmar Schings Producer

  22. Photo of Michael Verhoeven

    Michael Verhoeven Producer, Director Screenplay

  23. Photo of Joschi Arpa

    Joschi Arpa Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Barbara Hennings

    Barbara Hennings Editing

  25. Photo of Simon Buchner

    Simon Buchner Sound

  26. Photo of Paul Schöler

    Paul Schöler Sound

  27. Photo of Rainer Wiehr

    Rainer Wiehr Sound

  28. Photo of Willi Schwadorf

    Willi Schwadorf Sound