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  1. Photo of Bill Kirby

    Bill Kirby Producer

  2. Photo of John Krish

    John Krish Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Arthur Ibbetson

    Arthur Ibbetson Cinematography

  4. Photo of Russell Lloyd

    Russell Lloyd Editing

  5. Photo of Norman Savage

    Norman Savage Editing

  6. Photo of John Box

    John Box Production Design

  7. Photo of Martin Slavin

    Martin Slavin Music

  8. Photo of Nancy Kwan

    Nancy Kwan Cast

  9. Photo of Betty Marsden

    Betty Marsden Cast

  10. Photo of Victor Spinetti

    Victor Spinetti Cast

  11. Photo of James Logan

    James Logan Cast

  12. Photo of Joyce Blair

    Joyce Blair Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Whitsun-Jones

    Paul Whitsun-Jones Cast

  14. Photo of Donald Churchill

    Donald Churchill Cast

  15. Photo of David Sumner

    David Sumner Cast

  16. Photo of Diane Aubrey

    Diane Aubrey Cast

  17. Photo of Bessie Love

    Bessie Love Cast

  18. Photo of Terry-Thomas

    Terry-Thomas Cast

  19. Photo of Joan Benham

    Joan Benham Cast

  20. Photo of Patience Collier

    Patience Collier Cast

  21. Photo of Paul Curran

    Paul Curran Cast

  22. Photo of Frank Finlay

    Frank Finlay Cast

  23. Photo of Bud Flanagan

    Bud Flanagan Cast

  24. Photo of Penny Morrell

    Penny Morrell Cast

  25. Photo of Fred Stone

    Fred Stone Cast

  26. Photo of Frank Thornton

    Frank Thornton Cast

  27. Photo of Claire Nielson

    Claire Nielson Cast