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  1. Photo of Franco Prosperi

    Franco Prosperi Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frederico Prosperi

    Frederico Prosperi Producer

  3. Photo of Antonio Accolla

    Antonio Accolla Screenplay

  4. Photo of Guglielmo Mancori

    Guglielmo Mancori Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lorraine De Selle

    Lorraine De Selle Cast

  6. Photo of John Aldrich

    John Aldrich Cast

  7. Photo of Ugo Bologna

    Ugo Bologna Cast

  8. Photo of Louisa Lloyd

    Louisa Lloyd Cast

  9. Photo of Monica Nickel

    Monica Nickel Cast

  10. Photo of Stefania Pinna

    Stefania Pinna Cast

  11. Photo of Mario Morra

    Mario Morra Editing

  12. Photo of Daniele Patucchi

    Daniele Patucchi Music

  13. Photo of Alessandro Freyberger

    Alessandro Freyberger Cast

  14. Photo of Tiziana Tannozzini

    Tiziana Tannozzini Cast

  15. Photo of Gianfranco Principi

    Gianfranco Principi Cast