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  1. Photo of Patricia Ferreira

    Patricia Ferreira Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gonzalo Bendala

    Gonzalo Bendala Producer

  3. Photo of Miriam Porté

    Miriam Porté Producer

  4. Photo of Marta Velasco

    Marta Velasco Producer

  5. Photo of Virginia Yagüe

    Virginia Yagüe Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sergi Gallardo

    Sergi Gallardo Cinematography

  7. Photo of Marina Comas

    Marina Comas Cast

  8. Photo of Àlex Monner

    Àlex Monner Cast

  9. Photo of Albert Baró

    Albert Baró Cast

  10. Photo of Aina Clotet

    Aina Clotet Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Fernández

    Ana Fernández Cast

  12. Photo of José Luis García Pérez

    José Luis García Pérez Cast

  13. Photo of Montse Germán

    Montse Germán Cast

  14. Photo of Francesc Orella

    Francesc Orella Cast

  15. Photo of Marisol Membrillo

    Marisol Membrillo Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Frutos

    Antonio Frutos Editing

  17. Photo of Pablo Cervantes

    Pablo Cervantes Music

  18. Photo of Marta Wazinger

    Marta Wazinger Costume Design

  19. Photo of Clara Segura

    Clara Segura Cast

  20. Photo of Emma Vilarasau

    Emma Vilarasau Cast

  21. Photo of Lluis Villanueva

    Lluis Villanueva Cast

  22. Photo of Eduardo Velasco

    Eduardo Velasco Cast

  23. Photo of Mercè Pons

    Mercè Pons Cast

  24. Photo of Xavier Ripoll

    Xavier Ripoll Cast

  25. Photo of Marc Rodríguez

    Marc Rodríguez Cast

  26. Photo of Cati Solvellas

    Cati Solvellas Cast

  27. Photo of Julia Ibarz

    Julia Ibarz Cast

  28. Photo of Elen Kun

    Elen Kun Cast

  29. Photo of Pep Amores

    Pep Amores Cast, Producer

  30. Photo of Israel Frias

    Israel Frias Cast

  31. Photo of Lola Mesa

    Lola Mesa Cast

  32. Photo of Daniel Sicart

    Daniel Sicart Cast