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  1. francisca bacon's rating of the film The Wild, Wild Rose

  2. James Widdicombe's rating of the film The Wild, Wild Rose

    Definitely the best of the Grace Chang vehicles I've seen so far. Although the pacing isn't perfect, it is stronger than Mambo Girl or Air Hostess. Those films presented Chang as an idealized "nice girl," but this film gives her a real complex character to work with. The film brings to mind the socially-conscious dramas of Lung Kong and film noir but with wonderful musical sequences and Chang's incredible charm.

  3. scorpiorising's rating of the film The Wild, Wild Rose

    Sure, it's probably just a vehicle to further enhance Grace Chang's career. Sure, it's just a cliched and melodramatic adaptation of Carmen. But the film noir-like setting and characters, the enjoyable musical numbers and the lovely Grace Chang with her fierce and headstrong character are hard to resist and not to like. JAJAMBOOOOOOO!