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  1. Photo of Yuri Tarich

    Yuri Tarich Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Leonid Leonidov

    Leonid Leonidov Director and Cast

  3. Photo of Viktor Shklovsky

    Viktor Shklovsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Konstantin Schildkroet

    Konstantin Schildkroet Story

  5. Photo of Ivan Klyukvin

    Ivan Klyukvin Cast

  6. Photo of Safiyat Askarova

    Safiyat Askarova Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Korsh

    Vladimir Korsh Cast

  8. Photo of Nikolai Prozorovsky

    Nikolai Prozorovsky Cast

  9. Photo of Nikolai Vitovtov

    Nikolai Vitovtov Cast

  10. Photo of Sofya Garrel

    Sofya Garrel Cast

  11. Photo of Tatyana Barysheva

    Tatyana Barysheva Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksandr Zhukov

    Aleksandr Zhukov Cast

  13. Photo of Ivan Arkanov

    Ivan Arkanov Cast

  14. Photo of Ivan Kachalov

    Ivan Kachalov Cast

  15. Photo of Vasiliy Makarov

    Vasiliy Makarov Cast

  16. Photo of Vasili Bokarev

    Vasili Bokarev Cast

  17. Photo of Mstislav Kotelnikov

    Mstislav Kotelnikov Cast

  18. Photo of Klavdiya Chebyshyova

    Klavdiya Chebyshyova Cast

  19. Photo of Mikhail Vladimirsky

    Mikhail Vladimirsky Cinematography

  20. Photo of Vladimir Yegorov

    Vladimir Yegorov Production Design

  21. Photo of Esfir Shub

    Esfir Shub Editing