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  1. Photo of Ernest R. Dickerson

    Ernest R. Dickerson Director

  2. Photo of Clark Johnson

    Clark Johnson Director

  3. Photo of Ed Bianchi

    Ed Bianchi Director

  4. Photo of Steve Shill

    Steve Shill Director

  5. Photo of Daniel Attias

    Daniel Attias Director

  6. Photo of Timothy Van Patten

    Timothy Van Patten Director

  7. Photo of Agnieszka Holland

    Agnieszka Holland Director

  8. Photo of Brad Anderson

    Brad Anderson Director

  9. Photo of Clément Virgo

    Clément Virgo Director

  10. Photo of Rob Bailey

    Rob Bailey Director

  11. Photo of Elodie Keene

    Elodie Keene Director

  12. Photo of Christine Moore

    Christine Moore Director

  13. Photo of Alex Zakrzewski

    Alex Zakrzewski Director

  14. Photo of Anthony Hemingway

    Anthony Hemingway Director

  15. Photo of Seith Mann

    Seith Mann Director

  16. Photo of Peter Medak

    Peter Medak Director

  17. Photo of Gloria Muzio

    Gloria Muzio Director

  18. Photo of Robert F. Colesberry

    Robert F. Colesberry Director and Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Thomas J. Wright

    Thomas J. Wright Director

  20. Photo of Leslie Libman

    Leslie Libman Director

  21. Photo of Jim McKay

    Jim McKay Director

  22. Photo of David Platt

    David Platt Director

  23. Photo of Joy Kecken

    Joy Kecken Director

  24. Photo of Scott Kecken

    Scott Kecken Director

  25. Photo of Dominic West

    Dominic West Director and Cast

  26. Photo of Milčho Mančhevski

    Milčho Mančhevski Director

  27. Photo of David Simon

    David Simon Screenplay and Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Rafael Alvarez

    Rafael Alvarez Screenplay

  29. Photo of David H. Melnick

    David H. Melnick Screenplay

  30. Photo of Shamit Choksey

    Shamit Choksey Screenplay

  31. Photo of Joy Lusco

    Joy Lusco Screenplay

  32. Photo of George Pelecanos

    George Pelecanos Screenplay and Producer

  33. Photo of Richard Price

    Richard Price Screenplay

  34. Photo of Dennis Lehane

    Dennis Lehane Screenplay

  35. Photo of David Mills

    David Mills Screenplay

  36. Photo of William F. Zorzi

    William F. Zorzi Screenplay

  37. Photo of Kia Corthron

    Kia Corthron Screenplay

  38. Photo of Chris Collins

    Chris Collins Screenplay

  39. Photo of Michael Kenneth Williams

    Michael Kenneth Williams Cast

  40. Photo of Andre Royo

    Andre Royo Cast

  41. Photo of Clarke Peters

    Clarke Peters Cast

  42. Photo of Idris Elba

    Idris Elba Cast

  43. Photo of Sonja Sohn

    Sonja Sohn Cast

  44. Photo of John Doman

    John Doman Cast

  45. Photo of Deirdre Lovejoy

    Deirdre Lovejoy Cast

  46. Photo of Wendell Pierce

    Wendell Pierce Cast

  47. Photo of Lance Reddick

    Lance Reddick Cast

  48. Photo of Seth Gilliam

    Seth Gilliam Cast