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  1. Photo of Anne Riitta Ciccone

    Anne Riitta Ciccone Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Cecilia Dazzi

    Cecilia Dazzi Cast

  3. Photo of Antonella Ponziani

    Antonella Ponziani Cast

  4. Photo of Macha Méril

    Macha Méril Cast

  5. Photo of Piero Natoli

    Piero Natoli Cast

  6. Photo of Mario De Candia

    Mario De Candia Cast

  7. Photo of Tasha Rodriguez

    Tasha Rodriguez Cast

  8. Photo of Angelo Orlando

    Angelo Orlando Cast

  9. Photo of Raffaele Vannoli

    Raffaele Vannoli Cast

  10. Photo of Franco Di Giacomo

    Franco Di Giacomo Cinematography

  11. Photo of Massimo Nunzi

    Massimo Nunzi Music

  12. Photo of Francesco Torelli

    Francesco Torelli Producer

  13. Photo of Stefano Chierchiè

    Stefano Chierchiè Editing