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  1. Photo of Dorothy Edwards

    Dorothy Edwards Novel

  2. Photo of Roy Russell

    Roy Russell Screenplay

  3. Photo of Diarmuid Lawrence

    Diarmuid Lawrence Director

  4. Photo of Anna Home

    Anna Home Executive Producer

  5. Photo of James Harpham

    James Harpham Music

  6. Photo of John Newton Clarke

    John Newton Clarke Production Design

  7. Photo of Michael D. Smith

    Michael D. Smith Cinematography

  8. Photo of Nigel Bate

    Nigel Bate Editing

  9. Photo of Patricia Hayes

    Patricia Hayes Cast

  10. Photo of Paul Curtis

    Paul Curtis Cast

  11. Photo of Zoe Loftin

    Zoe Loftin Cast

  12. Photo of Adam Woodyatt

    Adam Woodyatt Cast

  13. Photo of Heidi Mayo

    Heidi Mayo Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Wing

    Anna Wing Cast

  15. Photo of Sheila Grant

    Sheila Grant Cast

  16. Photo of Eva Griffith

    Eva Griffith Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Swann

    Robert Swann Cast

  18. Photo of Jane Wood

    Jane Wood Cast

  19. Photo of Giles Harper

    Giles Harper Cast

  20. Photo of John Barrard

    John Barrard Cast

  21. Photo of Olu Jacobs

    Olu Jacobs Cast

  22. Photo of Anne Dyson

    Anne Dyson Cast