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  1. Photo of Hüseyn Mehdiyev

    Hüseyn Mehdiyev Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  3. Photo of Sanubar İsgandarli

    Sanubar İsgandarli Cast

  4. Photo of Rza Xudiyev

    Rza Xudiyev Cast

  5. Photo of Çingiz Şarifov

    Çingiz Şarifov Cast

  6. Photo of Leyla Şıxlinskaya

    Leyla Şıxlinskaya Cast

  7. Photo of Hasanaga Turabov

    Hasanaga Turabov Cast

  8. Photo of Rafiq Aliyev

    Rafiq Aliyev Cast

  9. Photo of Muxtar Maniyev

    Muxtar Maniyev Cast

  10. Photo of Alican Azizov

    Alican Azizov Cast

  11. Photo of Rasim Balayev

    Rasim Balayev Cast

  12. Photo of Süleyman Alasgarov

    Süleyman Alasgarov Cast

  13. Photo of Ramiz Azizbayli

    Ramiz Azizbayli Cast

  14. Photo of Vaqif Azaryar

    Vaqif Azaryar Cast

  15. Photo of Haqiqat Nabiyeva

    Haqiqat Nabiyeva Cast

  16. Photo of Rafiq Quliyev

    Rafiq Quliyev Cinematography

  17. Photo of Azar Dadasov

    Azar Dadasov Music

  18. Photo of Arif Abdürrahmanov

    Arif Abdürrahmanov Production Design

  19. Photo of Nisa Hacıyeva

    Nisa Hacıyeva Editing