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  1. Louis Léonard's rating of the film The Wolf Man

  2. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    As far as Universal horror films go, I'd rank this behind only the first two "Frankenstein" films. While it's short running time might give it a rushed feel, it makes up for that with its fine cast, relentlessly eerie atmosphere, well-defined characters and mythology, and Jack Piece's ever-brilliant make-up work. What else can I say? It's an indisputable horror classic, and essential viewing for fans of the genre.

  3. DenoResandono's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    In my opinion, THE WOLF MAN isn't great as some people said. The narrative seems rushed. The 70-minutes of its runtime went so fast. The climatic scene isn't engaging at all. The theme about a man who battling his inner demon/beast doesn't look epic in this movie. There is one thing that I loved from THE WOLF MAN. I loved its atmospheric cinematography. The black & white color looks very frightening. It's still good.

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    A fast paced and superb classic werewolf-movie that has excellent character portraits and is not only interested in the monster and how it kills -it is the humanity why we remember as Lon Chaney jr. play marvelous as a pained man. A fantastic ensemble too. Only the strange continuity problems make the film look sloppily edited and more low-budgeted than it really is. A necessary film to see for horror fans.

  5. VincentVendetta's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    It's a lot like Hollywood today: Misguided directors and actors standing in the shadow of talented artists and of a monstrous legacy.

  6. Tudor Rachieru's rating of the film The Wolf Man

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Un classique du genre, que l'on ne porte pas aux nues...

  8. Nolan Barth's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Out of all of Universal's monster movies this is one of the best and one of my favorites. The Wolf Man is iconic and you can see the amount of influence that this film has had on pop culture. Lon Chaney Jr. is great in this film, he has a very expressive face. This is a horror classic that every film buff should see at least once in their lifetime.

  9. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Can finally say I have seen all the classic Universal monster flicks, but I wouldn't put this one at the top. Yes the acting is fine, but why does Chaney have zero accent with Rains as his father? Also, Bela Lugosi shouldve had a more substantial role. For what it is though, its still great, and the forest scenes are particularly effective with good moody photography and staging. Mummy and Invisible Man still my favs

  10. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film The Wolf Man

  11. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film The Wolf Man

  12. Rocco's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Has the most effective atmosphere and style in the universal horror canon.

  13. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    A classic horror film featuring a fantastic performance from Lon Chaney Jr.

  14. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Influential horro-tragedy is an enjoyable character study that seems more at home with Chaney's turmoil than with his fury antics.

  15. MikeEverleth's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    He's actually not "the wolf man" in too many scenes and the love story is a bit wonky as Chaney, Jr. is a bit of a stalker creep, but, ya know, still a classic.

  16. ΞRIC B∆Ɖ TASTΞ's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    i loved the dark & foggy forest very much. the truth will be a secret forever...

  17. Erick's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Though they are all masterpieces, I feel this one (along with Frankenstein) are the only of the Universal Monster pictures that can leave a chilling impression by today's standards.

  18. Edward Copeland's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    The last of the major Universal monsters to join the fold, with a script by Curt Siodmak, it also had one of the most intelligent scripts that emphasized psychological horror over easy scares.

  19. Shelley's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    pretty creepy and enthralling. I really enjoyed the "hallucination"/change over scene with the pentagrams, necklaces and stuff. this was a great Universal picture.

  20. mjgildea's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    My favorite of the Universal monster movies. Maybe not the greatest story, but some wild sets and highly atmospheric.

  21. Spencer Draper's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    This is probably the most serviceable of all the big title Universal classics. (Probably due to it being in the later 40's cycle.) It isn't up to the same memorable standards as others but still is a great movie in its own right. Larry Talbot was truly Lon Chaney Jr's baby though. And you can never go wrong with Claude Rains. Strangely there is a moment in the score that sounds just like Danny Elfman's Batman theme.

  22. Danno's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    The movie plays more like a Grimms Brother's fairy tale that Lon Chaney Jr. has somehow wandered in to. Strange and surreal. It's like a bad dream that Talbot can't wake up from. It's not nearly as memorable as Dracula or Frankenstein or even Bride of Frankenstein. It feels like a missed opportunity.

  23. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film The Wolf Man

    Some aspects of this movie haven't aged well, and their refusal to show Lon Cheney Jr.'s face transform for reasons of it being "too scary" short-changes parts of the movie (we would see his face transform in subsequent sequels), but like all Universal monster movies, it has a nice atmosphere and while it doesn't stack up to the work of, say, Val Lewton, it still has a classic feel that makes it fun to watch.