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  1. Photo of Rino Lupo

    Rino Lupo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Francisco Lage

    Francisco Lage Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joao Correia De Oliveira

    Joao Correia De Oliveira Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joaquim Almada

    Joaquim Almada Cast

  5. Photo of Francisco Amores

    Francisco Amores Cast

  6. Photo of Joaquim Avelar

    Joaquim Avelar Cast

  7. Photo of Palmira Avelar

    Palmira Avelar Cast

  8. Photo of Manuel Batista

    Manuel Batista Cast

  9. Photo of Santos Castro

    Santos Castro Cast

  10. Photo of Sarah Cunha

    Sarah Cunha Cast

  11. Photo of Aida De Oliveira

    Aida De Oliveira Cast

  12. Photo of Branca De Oliveira

    Branca De Oliveira Cast

  13. Photo of Carmencita Díaz

    Carmencita Díaz Cast

  14. Photo of Flora Frizzo

    Flora Frizzo Cast

  15. Photo of Ricardina Maia

    Ricardina Maia Cast

  16. Photo of Jeanne Nancray

    Jeanne Nancray Cast

  17. Photo of Eduardo Rios

    Eduardo Rios Cast

  18. Photo of José Soveral

    José Soveral Cast

  19. Photo of Artur Costa de Macedo

    Artur Costa de Macedo Cinematography

  20. Photo of Carlos Cudell Goetz

    Carlos Cudell Goetz Producer