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  1. Photo of Henry King

    Henry King Director

  2. Photo of Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor Director

  3. Photo of Denison Clift

    Denison Clift Screenplay

  4. Photo of Guy de Maupassant

    Guy de Maupassant Screenplay

  5. Photo of C. Gardner Sullivan

    C. Gardner Sullivan Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gilbert Roland

    Gilbert Roland Cast

  7. Photo of Arnold Kent

    Arnold Kent Cast

  8. Photo of Boris de Fast

    Boris de Fast Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Vavitch

    Michael Vavitch Cast

  10. Photo of Gustav von Seyffertitz

    Gustav von Seyffertitz Cast

  11. Photo of Gladys Brockwell

    Gladys Brockwell Cast

  12. Photo of Nicholas Soussanin

    Nicholas Soussanin Cast

  13. Photo of Joseph Marievsky

    Joseph Marievsky Cast

  14. Photo of Oliver T. Marsh

    Oliver T. Marsh Cinematography

  15. Photo of Hugo Riesenfeld

    Hugo Riesenfeld Music

  16. Photo of William Cameron Menzies

    William Cameron Menzies Production Design

  17. Photo of Joseph M. Schenck

    Joseph M. Schenck Producer

  18. Photo of Norma Talmadge

    Norma Talmadge Producer and Cast

  19. Photo of Hal C. Kern

    Hal C. Kern Editing