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  1. Photo of Eddie Romero

    Eddie Romero Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Richard Connell

    Richard Connell Story

  3. Photo of Jack Hill

    Jack Hill Story

  4. Photo of David Hoover

    David Hoover Story and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Pat Woodell

    Pat Woodell Cast

  6. Photo of Sid Haig

    Sid Haig Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Todd

    Lisa Todd Cast

  8. Photo of Laurie Rose

    Laurie Rose Cast

  9. Photo of Alona Alegre

    Alona Alegre Cast

  10. Photo of Ken Metcalfe

    Ken Metcalfe Cast

  11. Photo of Eddie García

    Eddie García Cast

  12. Photo of Liza Belmonte

    Liza Belmonte Cast

  13. Photo of Lotis Key

    Lotis Key Cast

  14. Photo of Alfonso Carvajal

    Alfonso Carvajal Cast

  15. Photo of Ruben Rustia

    Ruben Rustia Cast

  16. Photo of Paquito Salcedo

    Paquito Salcedo Cast

  17. Photo of Justo Paulino

    Justo Paulino Cinematography

  18. Photo of Robert Formoso

    Robert Formoso Production Design

  19. Photo of John Ashley

    John Ashley Producer and Cast

  20. Photo of David J. Cohen

    David J. Cohen Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Ben Barcelon

    Ben Barcelon Editing

  23. Photo of Joseph Zucchero

    Joseph Zucchero Editing

  24. Photo of Angel Avellana

    Angel Avellana Sound

  25. Photo of Gabby Castellano

    Gabby Castellano Sound

  26. Photo of Tony Gosalvez

    Tony Gosalvez Sound and Cast

  27. Photo of Teofilo Hilario

    Teofilo Hilario Special Effects