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Ratings & Reviews

  1. João R.'s rating of the film The Woods

    Decent ambiance. Generic and blunt story and conclusion.

  2. VivianDarkbloom's rating of the film The Woods

    witchcraft (?!) and old hags (?!)

  3. rllr's rating of the film The Woods

    A generic script below the nice-looking polish of the production values. The direction and cinematography were so, so fluid that I couldn't help but like it.

  4. Westley's rating of the film The Woods

    This movie started out promisingly, but then it just got more and more absurd. The characters' actions didn't make any sense in relation to their previous actions. There are so many plot holes and lapses in logic the movie just doesn't make any sense. There were some nice touches here and there that I enjoyed, but overall the film wasn't very good.

  5. nothere's rating of the film The Woods

    A rainy day horror flick. Unoriginal and rather standard but Lucky Mckee and the cast have fun with it.

  6. profondo_rosso's rating of the film The Woods

    i adored may....this film however, not his best work

  7. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film The Woods

    Decent McKee flick. In comparison to his other two, it's better than RED, but not as good as MAY (but what horror films are?).

  8. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film The Woods

    By the numbers horror film starts off slow and cliched, though it does get better as it goes along. A good-looking, well made film that suffers from a lack of originality leading up to a decent ending with some cool special effects. Director Lucky McKee also directed the excellent sleeper 'May', but this is only a serviceable follow-up. Strong performances and a nice score from the very underrated John Frizzell.