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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Peter Walsh's rating of the film The Work

    An absolutely incredible documentary on a transformative process, caught in extraordinary circumstances. Shot in a intimate yet unobtrusive manner, this captures an explosive group therapy session, and lays bare so much. Knocked over by such an unassuming film, I just can't recommend it enough.

  2. Francisca's rating of the film The Work

    Uma lufada de sentimentalismo americano, mas fds, ninguém fica indiferente. Que bom retrato!

  3. JCPJD's rating of the film The Work

    Without mentioning it once, this film explains in some part the toxic shadow masculinity that imprisons all men - figuratively and literally. The bravery of these men in facing their wounds is humbling and inspiring. The filmmakers honour the work in simply capturing it. There are no artistic asides, no cinematic flourishes, no releases. The camera knows where to go - and goes there. Simple, powerful, impressive.

  4. Matt Richards's rating of the film The Work

    WOW! What an emotional roller-coaster. Rich with humour and deep with pain. Drop by drop the water pot is filled. It's camera work is as rough around the edges as the characters on screen but make no mistake the intensity and desire to get at the self is razor-sharp. 5 stars