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  1. Photo of Linda Goldstein Knowlton

    Linda Goldstein Knowlton Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Éric Martin

    Éric Martin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charlie Pearson

    Charlie Pearson Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lois Vossen

    Lois Vossen Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edward G. Christie

    Edward G. Christie Self

  6. Photo of Christine Burrill

    Christine Burrill Cinematography

  7. Photo of Nelson Hume

    Nelson Hume Cinematography

  8. Photo of Nathan Wang

    Nathan Wang Music

  9. Photo of Mohiuddin Ahmed

    Mohiuddin Ahmed Producer

  10. Photo of Avni Ahmetaj

    Avni Ahmetaj Producer

  11. Photo of Jen Kaczor

    Jen Kaczor Producer

  12. Photo of Sophie Barry

    Sophie Barry Producer

  13. Photo of Nechama Goldstein

    Nechama Goldstein Producer

  14. Photo of Linda Hawkins

    Linda Hawkins Producer and Director

  15. Photo of Jeff Skoll

    Jeff Skoll Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Sally Jo Fifer

    Sally Jo Fifer Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Kate Amend

    Kate Amend Editing

  18. Photo of Johanna Demetrakas

    Johanna Demetrakas Editing

  19. Photo of Alicia Dwyer

    Alicia Dwyer Editing

  20. Photo of Andrew Amondson

    Andrew Amondson Sound

  21. Photo of Tim Brown

    Tim Brown Sound

  22. Photo of Shai Nir

    Shai Nir Sound

  23. Photo of Ryan Owens

    Ryan Owens Sound

  24. Photo of E. Benjamin Posnack

    E. Benjamin Posnack Sound

  25. Photo of Lawrence Sithembu

    Lawrence Sithembu Sound

  26. Photo of Matt Vowles

    Matt Vowles Sound