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  1. Photo of Francisco Baptista

    Francisco Baptista Screenplay and Producer

  2. Photo of Antônio Lima

    Antônio Lima Cinematography

  3. Photo of Paulo Segadães

    Paulo Segadães Cinematography

  4. Photo of Albano Jerónimo

    Albano Jerónimo Cast

  5. Photo of Joana Solnado

    Joana Solnado Cast

  6. Photo of António Victorino d'Almeida

    António Victorino d'Almeida Cast

  7. Photo of José Wallenstein

    José Wallenstein Cast

  8. Photo of David Almeida

    David Almeida Cast

  9. Photo of Miguel Borges

    Miguel Borges Cast

  10. Photo of Francisco Beatriz

    Francisco Beatriz Cast

  11. Photo of Henrique Pina

    Henrique Pina Editing, Director Producer

  12. Photo of André G. Mendes

    André G. Mendes Music

  13. Photo of António Vitorino d'Almeida

    António Vitorino d'Almeida Music

  14. Photo of Quintino Bastos

    Quintino Bastos Sound

  15. Photo of Vitor Mingates

    Vitor Mingates Sound

  16. Photo of Toninho Neto

    Toninho Neto Sound

  17. Photo of Jorge Pacheco

    Jorge Pacheco Sound

  18. Photo of Victor Ribeiro

    Victor Ribeiro Sound

  19. Photo of Marta Azenha

    Marta Azenha Costume Design

  20. Photo of Daniela Coelho

    Daniela Coelho Costume Design