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  1. Photo of Richard Pottier

    Richard Pottier Director

  2. Photo of Henri-Georges Clouzot

    Henri-Georges Clouzot Screenplay

  3. Photo of J. Villard

    J. Villard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francis Didelot

    Francis Didelot Novel

  5. Photo of Charles Robert-Dumas

    Charles Robert-Dumas Novel

  6. Photo of Claude Dauphin

    Claude Dauphin Cast

  7. Photo of Madeleine Sologne

    Madeleine Sologne Cast

  8. Photo of Armand Bernard

    Armand Bernard Cast

  9. Photo of Erich von Stroheim

    Erich von Stroheim Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Le Vigan

    Robert Le Vigan Cast

  11. Photo of Henri Guisol

    Henri Guisol Cast

  12. Photo of Raymond Aimos

    Raymond Aimos Cast

  13. Photo of Jacques Berlioz

    Jacques Berlioz Cast

  14. Photo of Antoine Balpêtré

    Antoine Balpêtré Cast

  15. Photo of Roger Blin

    Roger Blin Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Lefebvre

    Robert Lefebvre Cinematography

  17. Photo of Wal Berg

    Wal Berg Music

  18. Photo of Jean Lenoir

    Jean Lenoir Music

  19. Photo of Léon Barsacq

    Léon Barsacq Production Design

  20. Photo of Jean Perrier

    Jean Perrier Production Design

  21. Photo of Raymond Borderie

    Raymond Borderie Producer

  22. Photo of Borys Lewin

    Borys Lewin Editing