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  1. Photo of Carlo Fumo

    Carlo Fumo Producer, Screenplay Director

  2. Photo of Annamaria Robertazzi

    Annamaria Robertazzi Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Adriano Aponte

    Adriano Aponte Music

  4. Photo of Francesco Di Giacomo

    Francesco Di Giacomo Cinematography

  5. Photo of Claudio Di Mauro

    Claudio Di Mauro Editing

  6. Photo of Gaetano Carito

    Gaetano Carito Sound

  7. Photo of Alessandro Haber

    Alessandro Haber Cast

  8. Photo of Gianmarco Tognazzi

    Gianmarco Tognazzi Cast

  9. Photo of Luca Ward

    Luca Ward Cast

  10. Photo of Massimiliano Gallo

    Massimiliano Gallo Cast

  11. Photo of Lidia Vitale

    Lidia Vitale Cast

  12. Photo of Nicola Acunzo

    Nicola Acunzo Cast

  13. Photo of Naike Rivelli

    Naike Rivelli Cast

  14. Photo of Yoon C. Joyce

    Yoon C. Joyce Cast

  15. Photo of Danilo Autero

    Danilo Autero Cast

  16. Photo of Antonello De Rosa

    Antonello De Rosa Cast

  17. Photo of Davide Nicora

    Davide Nicora Cast

  18. Photo of Orfeo Orlando

    Orfeo Orlando Cast

  19. Photo of Franklin Santana

    Franklin Santana Cast