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  1. Photo of Roger Donaldson

    Roger Donaldson Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Megumi Fukasawa

    Megumi Fukasawa Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Charles Hannah

    Charles Hannah Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Masaharu Inaba

    Masaharu Inaba Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Satoru Iseki

    Satoru Iseki Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Barrie M. Osborne

    Barrie M. Osborne Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Murray Francis

    Murray Francis Producer

  8. Photo of Gary Hannam

    Gary Hannam Producer

  9. Photo of John J. Kelly

    John J. Kelly Producer

  10. Photo of Don Schain

    Don Schain Producer

  11. Photo of David Gribble

    David Gribble Cinematography

  12. Photo of Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins Cast

  13. Photo of Jessica Cauffiel

    Jessica Cauffiel Cast

  14. Photo of Joe Howard

    Joe Howard Cast

  15. Photo of Chris Williams

    Chris Williams Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Rodríguez

    Paul Rodríguez Cast

  17. Photo of Christopher Lawford

    Christopher Lawford Cast

  18. Photo of Annie Whittle

    Annie Whittle Cast

  19. Photo of Aaron James Murphy

    Aaron James Murphy Cast

  20. Photo of Chris Bruno

    Chris Bruno Cast

  21. Photo of Tim Shadbolt

    Tim Shadbolt Cast

  22. Photo of Bruce Greenwood

    Bruce Greenwood Cast

  23. Photo of Diane Ladd

    Diane Ladd Cast

  24. Photo of Saginaw Grant

    Saginaw Grant Cast

  25. Photo of John Gilbert

    John Gilbert Editing

  26. Photo of Robert Gillies

    Robert Gillies Production Design

  27. Photo of J. Dennis Washington

    J. Dennis Washington Production Design

  28. Photo of J. Peter Robinson

    J. Peter Robinson Music

  29. Photo of Nancy Cavallaro

    Nancy Cavallaro Costume Design

  30. Photo of Tim Prebble

    Tim Prebble Sound

  31. Photo of Patrick John Flueger

    Patrick John Flueger Cast

  32. Photo of Jane Holland

    Jane Holland Costume Design