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  1. Photo of Jaromil Jireš

    Jaromil Jireš Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Mária Dufková-Rudlovcáková

    Mária Dufková-Rudlovcáková Screenplay

  3. Photo of Emil Sirotek

    Emil Sirotek Cinematography

  4. Photo of Ivan Vyskocil

    Ivan Vyskocil Cast

  5. Photo of Eduard Cupák

    Eduard Cupák Cast

  6. Photo of Jana Brejchová

    Jana Brejchová Cast

  7. Photo of Zlata Adamovská

    Zlata Adamovská Cast

  8. Photo of Karel Hermánek

    Karel Hermánek Cast

  9. Photo of Josef Valusiak

    Josef Valusiak Editing

  10. Photo of Ladislav Štaidl

    Ladislav Štaidl Music

  11. Photo of Vítezslav Jandák

    Vítezslav Jandák Cast

  12. Photo of Nada Konvalinková

    Nada Konvalinková Cast

  13. Photo of Sobeslav Sejk

    Sobeslav Sejk Cast

  14. Photo of Alois Švehlík

    Alois Švehlík Cast