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  1. Photo of Diego Velasco

    Diego Velasco Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sergio Aguero

    Sergio Aguero Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Rodolfo Cova

    Rodolfo Cova Producer

  4. Photo of Carolina Paiz

    Carolina Paiz Screenplay and Producer

  5. Photo of Luis Otero

    Luis Otero Cinematography

  6. Photo of Zapata 666

    Zapata 666 Cast

  7. Photo of Amanda Key

    Amanda Key Cast

  8. Photo of Erich Wildpret

    Erich Wildpret Cast

  9. Photo of Laureano Olivares

    Laureano Olivares Cast

  10. Photo of Marisa Román

    Marisa Román Cast

  11. Photo of Albi De Abreu

    Albi De Abreu Cast

  12. Photo of Alejandro Furth

    Alejandro Furth Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Wilcox

    Steve Wilcox Cast

  14. Photo of Rolando Padilla

    Rolando Padilla Cast

  15. Photo of Ana María Simón

    Ana María Simón Cast

  16. Photo of Beatriz Vásquez

    Beatriz Vásquez Cast

  17. Photo of Otto Scheuren

    Otto Scheuren Editing

  18. Photo of Marcelo Pont Vergés

    Marcelo Pont Vergés Production Design

  19. Photo of Freddy Sheinfeld

    Freddy Sheinfeld Music

  20. Photo of Gabriel Velasco

    Gabriel Velasco Music

  21. Photo of Patricia Busquets

    Patricia Busquets Costume Design