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  1. Photo of Gonzalo López-Gallego

    Gonzalo López-Gallego Director

  2. Photo of Alberto Sánchez-Cabezudo

    Alberto Sánchez-Cabezudo Showrunner and Producer

  3. Photo of Laura Sarmiento Pallarés

    Laura Sarmiento Pallarés Screenplay

  4. Photo of Eduard Fernández

    Eduard Fernández Cast

  5. Photo of Emma Suárez

    Emma Suárez Cast

  6. Photo of Alexandra Jiménez

    Alexandra Jiménez Cast

  7. Photo of Carlos Bardem

    Carlos Bardem Cast

  8. Photo of Inma Cuesta

    Inma Cuesta Cast

  9. Photo of Álvaro Cervantes

    Álvaro Cervantes Cast

  10. Photo of Alba Galocha

    Alba Galocha Cast

  11. Photo of Manolo Solo

    Manolo Solo Cast

  12. Photo of Marina Salas

    Marina Salas Cast

  13. Photo of Luís Zahera

    Luís Zahera Cast

  14. Photo of María Cantuel

    María Cantuel Cast

  15. Photo of Karlos Sastre

    Karlos Sastre Cast

  16. Photo of Daniel Perez Prada

    Daniel Perez Prada Cast

  17. Photo of Belén Ponce de León

    Belén Ponce de León Cast

  18. Photo of Ainhoa Aldanondo

    Ainhoa Aldanondo Cast

  19. Photo of Fermí Reixach

    Fermí Reixach Cast

  20. Photo of Fátima Baeza

    Fátima Baeza Cast

  21. Photo of Carlos Olalla

    Carlos Olalla Cast

  22. Photo of María Alfonsa Rosso

    María Alfonsa Rosso Cast

  23. Photo of Juan Carlos Vellido

    Juan Carlos Vellido Cast

  24. Photo of Daniel Sosa Segura

    Daniel Sosa Segura Cinematography

  25. Photo of Olivier Arson

    Olivier Arson Music

  26. Photo of Diego Modino

    Diego Modino Production Design

  27. Photo of Ismael Calleja

    Ismael Calleja Producer

  28. Photo of Fransérgio Araújo

    Fransérgio Araújo Producer

  29. Photo of Domingo Corral

    Domingo Corral Producer

  30. Photo of Christian Gockel

    Christian Gockel Producer

  31. Photo of Peter Lohner

    Peter Lohner Producer

  32. Photo of Juan Moreno

    Juan Moreno Producer

  33. Photo of Felipe Pontón

    Felipe Pontón Producer

  34. Photo of Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo

    Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo Producer, Director, and Showrunner

  35. Photo of Koldo Zuazua

    Koldo Zuazua Producer

  36. Photo of Carolina Martínez Urbina

    Carolina Martínez Urbina Editing

  37. Photo of Miguel Doblado

    Miguel Doblado Editing

  38. Photo of Clara Bilbao

    Clara Bilbao Costume Design

  39. Photo of Alberto Valcárcel

    Alberto Valcárcel Costume Design

  40. Photo of Jaime Anduiza

    Jaime Anduiza Art Department