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  1. Photo of Joachim Trier

    Joachim Trier Director, Executive Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ellen Dorrit Petersen

    Ellen Dorrit Petersen Cast

  3. Photo of Henrik Rafaelsen

    Henrik Rafaelsen Cast

  4. Photo of Eili Harboe

    Eili Harboe Cast

  5. Photo of Okay Kaya

    Okay Kaya Cast

  6. Photo of Marte Magnusdotter Solem

    Marte Magnusdotter Solem Cast

  7. Photo of Anders Mossling

    Anders Mossling Cast

  8. Photo of Vanessa Borgli

    Vanessa Borgli Cast

  9. Photo of Oskar Pask

    Oskar Pask Cast

  10. Photo of Martha Kjørven

    Martha Kjørven Cast

  11. Photo of Lars Berge

    Lars Berge Cast

  12. Photo of Sigve Bøe

    Sigve Bøe Cast

  13. Photo of Isabel Christine Andreasen

    Isabel Christine Andreasen Cast

  14. Photo of Johannes Wieke

    Johannes Wieke Cast

  15. Photo of Jakob Ihre

    Jakob Ihre Cinematography

  16. Photo of Ola Fløttum

    Ola Fløttum Music

  17. Photo of Philip Glass

    Philip Glass Music

  18. Photo of Chelsea Wolfe

    Chelsea Wolfe Music

  19. Photo of Susanne Sundfør

    Susanne Sundfør Music

  20. Photo of Roger Rosenberg

    Roger Rosenberg Production Design

  21. Photo of Stephan Apelgren

    Stephan Apelgren Producer

  22. Photo of Tomas Eskilsson

    Tomas Eskilsson Producer

  23. Photo of Thomas Gammeltoft

    Thomas Gammeltoft Producer

  24. Photo of Fredrik Heinig

    Fredrik Heinig Producer

  25. Photo of Eva Jakobsen

    Eva Jakobsen Producer

  26. Photo of Mikkel Jersin

    Mikkel Jersin Producer

  27. Photo of Jean Labadie

    Jean Labadie Producer

  28. Photo of Mattias Nohrborg

    Mattias Nohrborg Producer

  29. Photo of Katrin Pors

    Katrin Pors Producer

  30. Photo of Thomas Robsahm

    Thomas Robsahm Producer

  31. Photo of Eskil Vogt

    Eskil Vogt Executive Producer and Screenplay

  32. Photo of Sigve Endresen

    Sigve Endresen Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Peter Albrechtsen

    Peter Albrechtsen Sound

  34. Photo of Ingar Asdahl

    Ingar Asdahl Sound

  35. Photo of Roy Fenstad

    Roy Fenstad Sound

  36. Photo of Morten Solum

    Morten Solum Sound

  37. Photo of Gisle Tveito

    Gisle Tveito Sound

  38. Photo of Ellen Dæhli Ystehede

    Ellen Dæhli Ystehede Costume Design

  39. Photo of Magnus Berglid

    Magnus Berglid Art Department

  40. Photo of Ellen Oseng

    Ellen Oseng Art Department

  41. Photo of Peter Hartwig

    Peter Hartwig Visual Effects