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  1. Photo of Jane Birkin

    Jane Birkin Cast

  2. Photo of Caroline Cellier

    Caroline Cellier Cast

  3. Photo of Catherine Jacob

    Catherine Jacob Cast

  4. Photo of Thierry Lhermitte

    Thierry Lhermitte Cast

  5. Photo of Arié Elmaleh

    Arié Elmaleh Cast

  6. Photo of Michèle Bernier

    Michèle Bernier Cast

  7. Photo of Alysson Paradis

    Alysson Paradis Cast

  8. Photo of Sébastien Huberdeau

    Sébastien Huberdeau Cast

  9. Photo of Benoît Pétré

    Benoît Pétré Cast, Screenplay Director

  10. Photo of Micheline Presle

    Micheline Presle Cast

  11. Photo of Stéphane Metzger

    Stéphane Metzger Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Pierre Martins

    Jean-Pierre Martins Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandre Brik

    Alexandre Brik Cast

  14. Photo of Joséphine de Meaux

    Joséphine de Meaux Cast

  15. Photo of Eriq Ebouaney

    Eriq Ebouaney Cast

  16. Photo of Stephan Massis

    Stephan Massis Cinematography

  17. Photo of Keren Ann

    Keren Ann Music

  18. Photo of Samuel Teisseire

    Samuel Teisseire Production Design

  19. Photo of Vérane Frédiani

    Vérane Frédiani Producer

  20. Photo of Franck Ribière

    Franck Ribière Producer

  21. Photo of Priscilla Bertin

    Priscilla Bertin Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Vincent Brançon

    Vincent Brançon Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Reynald Bertrand

    Reynald Bertrand Editing

  24. Photo of Nikolas Javelle

    Nikolas Javelle Sound