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  1. Photo of Svend Wam

    Svend Wam Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Svein Gundersen

    Svein Gundersen Music

  3. Photo of Erik Gustavsson

    Erik Gustavsson Cinematography

  4. Photo of Paul René Roestad

    Paul René Roestad Cinematography

  5. Photo of Fred Sassebo

    Fred Sassebo Editing

  6. Photo of Jacob Trier

    Jacob Trier Sound

  7. Photo of Petter Vennerød

    Petter Vennerød Director

  8. Photo of Torgeir Schjerven

    Torgeir Schjerven Cast

  9. Photo of Lasse Tømte

    Lasse Tømte Cast

  10. Photo of Kjersti Døvigen

    Kjersti Døvigen Cast

  11. Photo of Jorunn Kjellsby

    Jorunn Kjellsby Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas Robsahm

    Thomas Robsahm Cast

  13. Photo of Knut Pettersen

    Knut Pettersen Cast

  14. Photo of Liv Thorsen

    Liv Thorsen Cast

  15. Photo of Gunnar Alme

    Gunnar Alme Cast

  16. Photo of Inger Heldal

    Inger Heldal Cast

  17. Photo of Pernille Anker

    Pernille Anker Cast